Communication Catalyst Class

Gain communication skills for relationships and work

What's the common denominator that traps us in bad habits, toxic relationships, and poor health?

Ineffective communication.

Unless we improve communication skills, we are limited the thought and behavior patterns that got us stuck in the first place.

If we don’t change how we communicate, we can’t change our lives.

The Communication Spectrum

Where are you on the communication spectrum? Are you harming yourself and others trying to communicate?

We may have been raised to normalize conflict avoidance, passive aggressiveness, or repressing our feelings.

Unless we change our communication, we unintentionally carry out those toxic patterns in our work and relationships.

Communication is like algebra.

It doesn’t come naturally: you have to learn it.

Your Instructor

Lauren Geertsen
Lauren Geertsen

I’m Lauren, a Body Connection Coach, and I help women heal their relationship with food and their weight.

In my previous work as a nutritional therapist, I found that many of my clients experienced constant weight anxiety, blamed themselves for failing numerous diets, and didn’t trust themselves to eat without unsustainable food rules.

These issues are SYMPTOMS of emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. Now, I help women just like you solve the root problems so food restriction, binging, and emotional eating disappears.


In this online class, I'll teach you the basics of Non-Violent Communication (NVC).

I’ve done in-depth training with NVC, and this communication approach catalyzed my personal relationships and career.

Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and many other self-growth educators endorse NVC.


  • What it means to communicate non-violently
  • A self-awareness technique to immediately improve communication
  • How to ask for what you need without nagging or whining


  • 90 minute class video
  • Downloadable course materials

Frequently Asked Questions

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You are purchasing a replay of the live class, as well as the accompanying handouts and learning materials.
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You can request a 100% money back refund prior to the class on Tuesday July 30th.

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